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The new digital technology allows printing decals in a very short amount of time per piece. High-quality printing with CMYK colors and opaque white color.
The technology is especially suited for limited series, short run kits, update sets, individual orders, etc. however, thanks to the rapid printing of small amounts, manufacturers are also able to use this technology to print the necessary quantity of decals only, to avoid large store amounts of decals on stock.

Main advantages:
  • No minimal quantity, we can print just one piece.
  • Fast print speed
  • Low cost at a small quantities compared to other types of printing.
  • Possibility to print a control print.
  • Quick correction of possible errors without additional costs.
  • No color restriction. Printing full-color graphics such as nose arts, logos, emblems ...
Naturally nothing is perfect, so the disadvantages include:
  • With the technology used, the colors are raster-printed.
  • Technology does not allow final laquer layer printing. The carrier layer is applied over the entire sheet and the decals have to be cut off before application.
  • Spot colors aren’t possible.
  • Higher cost for larger quantities.

Do you want try our decals first? Send 50,- CZK (around 2.00 US$) by PayPal for sample sheet.

Do you want print your own decals? Here you can find how to prepare your design for print.


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History of company

  • 2000

    Our Humble Beginnings

    I bought my first ALPS and learned to print decals

  • 2001

    APC Decals is Born

    I and Miroslav Tebich started production of decals oriented to Czechoslovak Air Force. Miroslav is author of major part of designs. Later I bought designs from Miroslav.

  • 2010

    ALPS printers discontinued

    Alps discontinued sales of their latest MicroDry printer, the MD-5500. I bought one of the latest printers, sixth in a row. The ALPS never excelled in endurance and reliability. Due to the planned end of the production of consumables, I'm starting to look for another solution.

  • May 2017

    New technology

    In May, the last of a long line of ALPS printers died. I made a crucial decision and bought a new printer. Production of decals moves into new dimensions. The print quality is incomparably better, the print speed is almost lightning fast. Now I can print in unlimited series.

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